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Pythagorean Theorem

Pythagorean Theorem or Pythagoras Theorem is one of fundamental theorem and formulas in Mathematics. Pythagorean Theorem was found more than 2000 years ago by a Greek Philosopher and Mathematician named Pythagoras. Pythagorean Theorem states that “When a triangle has a right angle of 90o and squares are made on each of three sides, then the biggest square has the exact same area as the others.”

The formula of Pythagorean Theorem

a and b are the sides of triangle
c is the longest side/hypotenuse of the triangle

The Instruction and How to use the calculator online to calculate the Pythagorean Theorem

1. First, input 2 values between (a, b) sides of triangle, or (c) hypotenuse
2. Next, you can choose what decimal places you need. It can 1 or 2 or whatever you want.
3. And then, click “Calculate Button” and the answer will automatically appear.
4. To count another number, just repeat the first step.

Example of the usage of calculator online to calculate the Area and Perimeter of Triangle

1. Example, enter “3” in “a”, and “4” in “b” to calculate hypotenuse.
2. Then click enter or “Calculate” button.
3. You will find the answer right there on the C (Hypotenuse) 5.00.

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