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Area and Perimeter: Pentagon

This online calculator is a free online tool to help you in calculate area and perimeter of Pentagon.


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Pentagon Area and Perimeter of a Pentagon
  • P – perimeter
  • A – area
  • R – radius K
  • r – radius k
  • O – centre
  • a – edges
  • K – circumscribed circle
  • k – inscribed circle

You may need: Pythagorean Theorem


Pentagon is a five-sided polygon that has five straight sides and five interior angles that sum up to 540o. Pentagon is two-dimensional 5-sided geometric shape. The five sides of pentagon do not intersect and meet each other to form a shape. As a regular pentagon must have five congruent sides and five congruent interior angles.

The standard formula to count the Area of Pentagon

a= side length/edges

The standard formula to count the Perimeter of Pentagon

P= 5.a
P = perimeter
a = side length/edges

The Instruction to use the Calculator Online to calculate the Area and Perimeter of Pentagon

1. First, input 1 values between (a) edges of pentagon, (R) Radius K, or (r) Radius k.
2. Next, you can choose what decimal places you need. It can 1 or 2 or whatever you want.
3. And then, click “Calculate Button” and the answer will automatically appear.
4. To count another number, just repeat the first step.

Example of the usage of calculator online to count the Area and Perimeter of Pentagon

1. Example, enter “5” in “a”/edges.
2. Then click enter or “Calculate” button.
3. You will find the answer right there on the Area A column and Perimeter P column. The area is 43.01 and the Perimeter is 25.00.